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Learn more about myths of metal roofing

There are a variety of myths about metal roofing that may lead you astray. Learn the facts for yourself so you can make the right decision when it comes to your home or business. Metal roofs can last up to 3 times longer than traditional roofs and weigh less than concrete, asphalt, shake, and slate roofs.

Common myths debunked

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 •  Metal roofs are not noisy during rain

 •  They don't attract lightning strikes

 •  They don't attract heat during summer

 •  You CAN walk on a metal roof

 •  Steel roofs are galvanized to prevent rust

 •  Metal roofing isn't heavier than other materials


We specialize in residential roof products and installation. We offer warranties that extend up to 45 years.


You will always receive timely, personalized service because we offer FREE estimates on all our services. We will personally assess your needs and options.

You've got the information you need to make an educated decision so don't wait any longer. Start benefitting from a steel roof today by giving us a call.

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